Why Is My Heat Pump Making Loud Noises?

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Heat pumps can be expected to make some noise. Unusually loud noises point to a problem in the brewing. If your system is reaching decibels impossible to ignore, you should turn it off to prevent further damage. 

Give Dana’s Heating & Cooling here in Bremerton a call to schedule a repair visit. We will be able to quickly identify the issue and give you a fair and honest quote.

When Things Go Bump in the Night or Day

Because we like to help educate our customers, here are five heat pump noises to keep an ear out for:

1. “Bam! Bam! Bam!”––Metal Rapidly Hitting Metal

If you hear a metallic clang repeating in a cycle, there is probably something going on with your fan. What you are hearing is the sound of the blades hitting another hard object. Immediately turn off your heat pump’s power if you believe this to be the case. 

Under this type of stress, the fan will become bent or chipped. Once the machine is off, inspect the inside for any foreign objects, then give one of our experienced heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals a call to fix your fan if necessary.

2. “Sssss . . . ”––Hissing

There is really not much chance a snake with unlimited lung power has inhabited your heat pump. So the more likely possibility is you have a refrigerant leak. 

You are hearing the sound of gas escaping. In this instance, you should contact one of our trained professionals to repair the leak and replenish the refrigerant supply.

If the sound is related to your refrigerant, keep in mind the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated regulations about the use of R-22 refrigerant. Speak to one of our knowledgeable team members about which refrigerant your heat pump uses and how the regulations relate.

3. “Reeeeeee . . . ”––Screeching/Squealing

If you hear high-pitched screeching or squealing, there is a good likelihood the motor is having trouble. When your motor’s bearings become dirty, shrill noises can result. 

You should schedule routine maintenance to help prevent this from happening in the first place. If the issue is not related to the bearings, it may be the motor itself giving out. Either way, our Dana’s Heating & Cooling HVAC pros are always on hand to inspect things.

4. “Hmmmm . . . ”––Loud, Low-Pitched Droning

A low-pitched hum is usually benign, unless it is significantly louder than usual. You could think of this uptick in sound as the heat pump grumbling with hunger. 

It likely needs its oil refilled, its refrigerant refilled, or quite possibly a new compressor. You might be tempted to fix it yourself. However, keep your distance, and let one of our experienced professionals handle things.

5. “Clink! Clank!”––Rattling

This sound can be particularly annoying. It usually indicates a loose, detached, or poorly balanced part. 

This could be a motor mount that has become unfastened. Or it could be your fan is poorly aligned and now rattling against another component in the heat pump. Yet another possibility is worn-down compressor bearings. 

One of our HVAC professionals can remedy all of these problems through a quick tune-up or, if necessary, a part replacement.

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