Electrical service.

You may already know the Bremerton, WA, area has relied on Dana's Heating to provide home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions since 1997. We are your trusted experts for installation, repair, and maintenance of furnaces, air ducts, heat pumps, air conditioners, zone control systems, and indoor air quality (IAQ) products.

When we are working on any of these HVAC systems for you, we can take care of all the electrical needs connected with the project. Our team specializes in HVAC-related electrical projects.

You can count on our trained, experienced electricians to get the electrical job done right, whether it is a circuit breaker panel replacement or even a minor outlet upgrade. Our knowledgeable electricians are licensed and compliant with Washington State, along with being insured.

Advantages of In-House HVAC Electricians

Many HVAC projects involve an electrical component. When our install or service professionals, many of whom are North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified, install a new heat pump for you or repair a faulty air conditioning outdoor condenser, an electrical addition in the process is sometimes necessary. Since our Dana's Heating team includes licensed and bonded electricians, reaching out to an outside electrical contractor is not needed.

This saves you money overall since the cost is incorporated into your project’s estimate. Also, since our electricians work closely with our HVAC experts, there is a seamless transition between steps in the process. This leads to a higher quality of work and an assurance of a job done well. 

Dana’s Heating & Cooling Electricians

Our team of highly experienced and trained electricians work hard to be sure any work we perform is up to code and it improves the safety of your electrical system. Safety is of paramount importance in any electrical repair or installation. In our business, a mistake or miscalculation can be extremely dangerous and could possibly lead to power surges, fire, or electrocution.

Though we are capable of performing all electrical work under the residential scope, our team concentrates on HVAC-related work. We can add circuits to a panel for outdoor or indoor service and outdoor disconnects as easily as we can change out a panel. No matter what type of electrical HVAC work required, our knowledgeable team will efficiently handle it.

Electrical Services

If your older home no longer has the power it needs to run your HVAC system when updating other parts of your home, such as adding new appliances, computers, and game systems, we can update your electrical service and boost its ability to handle the increased electrical demands.

We offer financing options at Dana's Heating for our bigger projects. If this is a course you want to pursue, talk with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members. We appreciate your choice in working with us and will do all we can to give you peace of mind at every turn.

Electrical Repairs

You can trust our Dana's Heating highly trained electricians to diagnose and repair any HVAC electrical problem you are experiencing in your Bremerton, WA home. No matter what the job entails, we strive to keep the disruption to your electrical service at a minimum. Our team works as quickly as possible, while still maintaining quality workmanship, to maintain your home’s comfort level.

We always work according to code and ordinances, pulling permits as needed, without taking shortcuts, and we will never try to sell you a service or system you do not need.


As an electrician, what does it mean to be compliant with Washington State?

In the state of Washington, you can’t work as a licensed and bonded electrician without being certified. This means our electricians have met the minimum requirements of documented work hours and classroom hours under the supervision of a certified electrician as an electrical trainee.

There is also an exam to be passed before attaining an electrician certificate from the state. You will not find any more qualified and experienced electricians to work on your home project than ours at Dana’s Heating & Cooling.

Do I need a permit for electrical work?

Nearly all electrical work will need a permit—and you want one. An electrical permit ensures all electrical work is checked by a city inspector. This is a safeguard for you to be sure things are done safely and correctly. Our electrical team will pull your permit for the job. Leave it all to us!

Do you guarantee your work?

Absolutely. We stand behind all our work at Dana’s Heating & Air Conditioning—from our electrical projects to our HVAC jobs. You can count on the quality of our work and the exceptional materials we use. You are family to us, and we will treat you as such. We want the best for our family, so we will not consider a job complete until you are completely satisfied with it.

Contact Us for All Your Electrical Needs 

At Dana’s Heating & Cooling, our electricians collectively have decades of experience. Combined with the high levels of training and education we have, you will not find more dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional electricians to work in your , home.

Our expert team can provide all the services required to complete your job in a safe and proficient manner. You can always trust us to speak in plain terms so you understand exactly what you need and will receive from us. Your safety and satisfaction are our top goals when it comes to electricity, so call us at  or request service online to discuss your HVAC-related electrical needs today.

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Electrical Repair in Poulsbo, WA, 98370

“The technician was on time, professional and friendly. We will recommend Dana’s to friends and family!”
- Rick D.

Electrical Repair in Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110

“Very helpful very knowledgeable. Totally awesome experience. Thank you”

- Kurt V.

Electrical Repair in Belfair, WA, 98528

“They did a great job finding the problem and getting my furnace working. Very competent and reasonably priced. I will call them every time.”

- Joe F.

Electrical Repair in Silverdale, WA 98383

“So hard to get any service calls appointments to show up. I’m just glad your tech showed up and took a look at my equipment and found the problem.”

- Cel A.

Electrical Repair in Gig Harbor, WA, 98335

“Rick was such a pleasant person and did a thorough job to determine what was causing my circuit breaker to trip. He also took the time to tell me different program choices I can make for my thermostat to make things run more easier for me.”

- Janice P.

Electrical Repair in Silverdale, WA, 98380

“Bobby should get a raise and a promotion! Arrived on time, cordial, clean, positive, knowledgeable. Bobby quickly found my problems (there were two). The diagnostic cost for this was the best I could find ($109). He clearly explained what failed and why it failed and how to fix it. He also made a really great suggestion to relocate my thermostat. I did what he told me to do and SUCCESS!!!”

- Steven C.

Electrical Installation - Replacement in Port Orchard, WA, 98366

“Wonderful job. Very efficient and speedy.”

- Theresa A.

Electrical Repair in Poulsbo, WA, 98370

“Expert and honest repairman. I am extremely happy with them.”

- Todd D.

Electrical Installation - Replacement in Silverdale, WA, 98383

“Between the young lady, I initially talked to and the professional, Chad, we had the best experience one could hope for. Thank you and God bless.”

- Bryan H.

Electrical Repair in Port Orchard, WA, 98366

“Nice guy and did a good job.”

- Ray Stevens P.