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Ceiling fans and window air conditioners (ACs) may decrease room temperature by a digit or two, but they can’t achieve the high levels of comfort that central air conditioning can deliver throughout your Bremerton home.

If you are ready to make the switch from catching an occasional breeze to living in cool comfort, it is time to call Dana’s Heating & Cooling. If you currently have an air conditioning system but want to upgrade it, let our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) team serve as your trusted advisor. We have what it takes to find the right solution for your air conditioning needs.

We are a full-service HVAC company with trained professionals who are certified by North American Technician Excellence (NATE), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS). Our electricians are licensed and compliant with Washington State. We have the expertise and experience to handle all your HVAC needs and pride ourselves on being prompt as well as getting the job done in a timely fashion with quality workmanship.

Replacing your aging air conditioning system can save money in the long run because a new unit will work more efficiently and will deliver better performance.

How Much Money Can a New Air Conditioner Save You?

Our SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) energy savings calculator can help determine how much you could save on your utility bills. Simply enter your current unit unit’s SEER value and compare it to a newer, more efficient system. You can even customize it to better match your home’s system for a more accurate calculation.

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Air Conditioning Installation

Whether you are planning to purchase your first air conditioning system or want to replace your aging equipment, you can rely on Dana’s Heating & Cooling to find the best system to suit your comfort needs and budget.

We carefully consider such factors as the square footage, age, and layout of your home in determining the size of the air conditioning system you need. Accuracy matters, as a system that is too small will have to work harder to cool your home. If it is too big it will waste energy and increase utility bills.

A central air conditioning system is a practical and popular choice for homes with an existing furnace and ductwork. If your home has no ductwork or the air ducts do not extend to every room, you might consider alternatively installing a ductless cooling system in your Washington home. High-efficiency ductless systems, also called mini splits, are mounted on a wall or ceiling in one or more rooms in your home. They are a perfect solution for older houses.

We can install your new cooling system in no time, and we offer financing options if that is a concern for you.

Air Conditioning Repair

If your air conditioning system seems sluggish, is blowing warm air, or is making an odd sound, give us a call immediately. Typically these issues do not resolve themselves and, in fact, usually evolve into a bigger, more costly repair. We recommend calling us sooner rather than later when something occurs. Rest assured, no matter what the issue is, our experienced professionals will provide an effective solution.

Our Dana’s Heating & Cooling team will promptly assess the situation and offer solutions to keep you healthy, comfortable, and safe. Your satisfaction is always our goal.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Preventative maintenance can keep your air conditioner running at peak performance and high efficiency, as well as extend the life of your HVAC system and help you avoid unexpected breakdowns. It will also keep you compliant with your manufacturer’s warranty.

Our HVAC experts recommend an annual multipoint inspection, cleaning, and tune-up each year before those high temperatures of the warmer seasons start. Our highly trained and experienced professionals can identify a potential problem before it happens and take action to prevent it.

A little attention to your HVAC system will go a long way toward maintaining its efficiency and your comfort. Our maintenance agreement plan, our Ultimate Savings Agreement (USA), can make HVAC upkeep even more convenient and affordable. You will gain peace of mind by trusting our experts with your air conditioning maintenance needs. Give our friendly team a call today to discuss how we can help with your professional maintenance.


How often should I change my filter?
We recommend changing your filter every three months. If you or someone in your home suffers from asthma, allergies, or any respiratory conditions, change it more frequently. The buildup of dust, debris, and particles not only reduces your Bremerton home’s indoor air quality, but it can also damage your air conditioning system by restricting its proper airflow and allowing these particles into your system to harm and wear down the equipment over time.

Why is my air conditioner blowing warm air?
There are several possible reasons for your air conditioner to blow warm air. Among the possibilities are a dirty air filter, a thermostat issue, low refrigerant, problems with your condenser—the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system, or even leaky air ducts. After checking your air filter and your thermostat settings and battery yourself, if you have not resolved the problem and still have no cold air, give our professionals a call.

How do I take care of my outside air conditioner unit?
Keeping your outdoor air conditioning equipment in optimum condition is imperative to proper and efficient operation. To start, be sure there is no yard debris or foliage within two to three feet of the equipment. You can also gently hose down the unit to keep it clean, taking careful precautions when dealing with the delicate blade fins.

Why is my air conditioner freezing up?
If you find ice buildup on your equipment, first, turn off your system completely to allow it to thaw. There a few most common reasons for the freezing, typically caused by a lack of necessary airflow—dirty air filter, dirty evaporator coil, blocked air ducts, and extremely dirty air ducts. You can do a quick check to see if any of these causes may be the culprit.

If you believe you have solved the problem, after the equipment is thawed, restart it. At that point give our HVAC professionals a call if your system is still not back to normal and turn off your air conditioner until we arrive. We can effectively diagnose and repair the issue in no time.

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At Dana’s Heating & Cooling, we provide all the services you need to achieve the level of cooling comfort you want in your Bremerton , Washington, home from your air conditioner. Call us at 360.226.7369 or request service online today to schedule your air conditioning installation, repair, or maintenance.

Air Conditioner Installation - Replacement in Poulsbo, WA, 98370

“Folks seemed to know their jobs. All were courteous,pleasant. We assume they knew what to do, we did not have any means to dispute what was done. We have no complaints. Thank you”
- Richard H.

Air Conditioner Installation - Replacement in Silverdale, WA, 98383

“Helpful, friendly, informative. Put on shoe covers and tarps on floor to prevent dirt etc on our carpet. Still working and ask’s questions if they don’t know or other way they will call office.”

- Brian M.

Air Conditioner Installation - Replacement in Silverdale, WA, 98383

“Roger called and asked it was ok to come early. He showed up and was very professional, he asked questions, I asked questions, took pictures, some measurements, did a walk around the home, did an energy assessment , talked about what AC and furnace units would be required. Wrote out and explained the estimate on the spot.Very quick and through.”

- Tom N.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Kingston, WA, 98342

“Daniel was amazing! He is very well versed in his field!”

- Brad R.

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“Lucas was very helpful during a phone conversation.”

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“Justin is an exemplary representative of Dana’s Heating and Cooling. We admire him for his professionalism and customer service. He arrived promptly as notified and had an excellent understanding of our equipment. Dana, you can be proud of Justin’s work and customer relations. We feel confident that our equipment has been correctly serviced. Thank you Justin.”

- Ron C.

Air Conditioner Repair in Silverdale, WA, 98383

“Mike found a loose wire in our thermostat and fixed it quickly. Everything works great!”

- Sam S.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Port Orchard, WA, 98367

“Bobby was prompt, professional and courteous.”

- Craig C.

Air Conditioner Repair in Port Orchard, WA, 98366

“Rick quickly diagnosed the problem and came up with the solution. Excellent job by Rick and air conditioner works great again. Thank you.”

- Fred R.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Bremerton, WA, 98311

“Gary texted and called me to give me a heads up that he is coming. He is a professional and courteous. He explained what he did and answered all my questions. Thanks, Gary😊”

- Noel V.

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