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Heat pump service.

If you are shopping for an efficient heating and cooling system that goes the extra mile to help you achieve a high level of comfort in your Bainbridge Island, WA home, look no further than a heat pump.

A heat pump takes the place of a furnace and air conditioner because it is capable of both heating and cooling your home. It also is more energy efficient than a traditional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, transferring heat instead of burning fuel to create heat.

In cold weather, a heat pump draws the warmth from the outside air and transfers it indoors. The opposite occurs during warm weather, when it moves your indoors hot air to the outdoors, leaving cool air inside your home.

Our experts at Dana’s Heating & Cooling can recommend a heat pump that fits both your comfort needs and your budget. You can expect the utmost in experience and professionalism from our team.

Our HVAC specialists are certified by North American Technician Excellence (NATE), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Performance Tested Comfort Systems (PTCS). Our electricians are licensed and compliant with Washington State.

Why Choose a Heat Pump?

Many Washington homeowners automatically think of a furnace and air conditioner when it comes to heating and cooling their homes. But a heat pump is an extremely efficient and reliable choice to successfully achieve the level of comfort you want for your home. Here is why:

  • You buy just one unit instead of separate heating and cooling equipment, which means you typically will spend less money on installation and maintenance.
  • A heat pump does not burn fossil fuels like a furnace does, which means low energy consumption and a reduction in carbon emissions.
  • It can cut your electricity use for heating in half when compared to an electric furnace.

Heat Pump Installation

Our Dana’s Heating & Cooling experts can install a heat pump to serve as the central HVAC unit in your Bainbridge Island, WA home. A single, central heat pump system relies on air ducts to circulate hot and cold air throughout your home, just as a furnace and air conditioner do.

When working with your air ducts, be sure to consider if you need to help improve your indoor air quality, especially if you have someone in your home with chronic respiratory illnesses or allergies. We have several indoor air quality systems we can implement with your heat pump and air ducts. Also, take the time to talk with our team about duct cleaning to rid your home of the possible pollutants in your ducts.

If you prefer several ductless heat pump systems, rather than one central unit, we can help with that as well. These compact units are installed throughout your home and are a great solution for rooms without air ducts.

When it comes to heat pumps, another possibility is adding a heat pump to your existing HVAC system to improve heating efficiency. This is known as a dual-fuel system, consisting of a furnace and a heat pump working as a team to heat your home. The heat pump serves as your primary heating source until the temperature drops too low for it to work at peak performance. At that point, the furnace kicks in and continues heating until the heat pump can take over again.

We can also help you with financing. Whether you are looking to add a more traditional heat pump, a ductless system, or a dual-fuel system, we have options to fit your particular needs.

Heat Pump Repair

Call us if your heat pump stops working or if the air in your home does not feel as hot or cold as it should. Our highly trained HVAC professionals have the experience to get your heating and cooling system back on track.

We provide prompt repair service, and we pride ourselves on our workmanship. Our company values honesty and integrity. We will never attempt to sell you something you do not need or take shortcuts in anything we do. At Dana’s Heating & Cooling, you can trust the parts and materials we use are the best and will last. When we make a repair, it stays repaired.

Heat Pump Maintenance

By performing annual inspections and tune-ups, Dana’s Heating & Cooling can help you avoid inconvenient and costly equipment breakdowns, refrigerant leaks, and compressor problems. Your heat pump will last longer and will perform more efficiently if it is maintained on a regular basis by professionals. It will also keep you compliant with your manufacturer’s warranty.

Ask us about our Ultimate Savings Agreement (USA), our preventative maintenance agreement plan that will keep your HVAC equipment in top shape while keeping more dollars in your pocket.


What is the average life span of a heat pump?
Heat pumps can normally last, on average, up to 15 years. Of course, this projected life expectancy is contingent upon the type of heat pump you choose and how well you professionally maintain it.

Do heat pumps work well in the winter?
Yes, heat pumps can heat your home very well throughout the winter. Years ago, heat pumps could only heat down to a specific temperature close to freezing. Now the high energy-efficient models can heat throughout the winter, especially here in the Bainbridge Island, WA area. But our HVAC experts can assess if a dual-fuel system would work better for your individual needs.

Does my heat pump have a filter?
Yes, your heat pump has a filter, and you need to change it regularly like you do for a furnace. Your air filter directly affects your home’s indoor air quality, so our professionals recommend changing it every three months. If you have someone in your home with asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions, or if you have a smoker or pets, you probably need to change it even more frequently.

Learn More About Heat Pumps With Dana’s Heating & Cooling

Call our team today at 360.226.7369 or request service online to learn more about heat pumps and how installing in your Bainbridge Island, WA, Washington, home can both help you with your comfort and help save you money on energy bills. Or if your current heat pump needs a repair or maintenance, schedule your appointment today.

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