Why Is Fall Maintenance Important?

man fixing a furnace unit with a screwdriver

Is your heating equipment ready for the fall? 

With autumn weather on the horizon, now is the time to prepare your Bremerton home’s furnace for the drop in temperature. 

If you’re thinking you can go without your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) maintenance visit this fall, think again—you do not want to forego critical maintenance services. And you certainly don’t want your heating equipment to break down on a cold evening!

Leave all of your HVAC maintenance needs to Dana’s Heating & Cooling. We are proud to be one of the most trusted HVAC companies in all of Washington. Our team of trained and skilled professionals can help keep your heating and cooling equipment operating efficiently.

Prepare for these colder seasons with a professional fall maintenance visit and enjoy all the advantages of keeping your HVAC equipment in top shape.

Benefits of Scheduling HVAC Maintenance

Maintaining your heating equipment ultimately helps you achieve the highest level of comfort inside your Bremerton home and reduces the possibility of a complete breakdown. 

Scheduled maintenance benefits you in several ways:

  • Ensures your heating equipment is fully operable 
  • Extends the life of your equipment
  • Helps decrease your heating costs and saves you money over time
  • Offers you peace of mind knowing your equipment is operating safely and properly
  • Supports optimal system efficiency
  • Helps lower energy use and expenses
  • Allows minor to major issues to be uncovered and resolved before progressing further

HVAC maintenance can help you reduce the risk of a breakdown by up to 95 percent, according to the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA). Invest in your system by properly maintaining it.

Why Is It Important to Schedule a Fall HVAC Maintenance Visit?

Imagine trying to turn your furnace on in the dead of winter, but no warm air is coming out. It’s a nightmare nobody wants to experience.

Scheduling and having maintenance performed on your system is critical since it helps prevent these types of situations and ensures your heating system is prepared to keep you warm when you depend on it most.

What to Expect During an HVAC Maintenance Visit

When you schedule your HVAC fall maintenance service with Dana’s Heating & Cooling, you set your equipment up for success. You can expect us to perform a comprehensive inspection of your equipment.

We will check for issues, make recommendations on the best action to take for your safety and comfort, and clean your equipment so that it operates as efficiently as possible.

During your maintenance visit, our professionals will:

  • Check and tighten any loose electrical connections.
  • Test safety controls.
  • Check the condensate drain to be sure it is clear of sludge and build-up.
  • Check, adjust, and clean your blower.
  • Check the heat exchanger.
  • Ensure coolant levels are correct.
  • Clean the coils, drains, and elements.
  • Lubricate all moving parts.
  • Change your filter.

Additional Maintenance Services

Be sure to maintain all your home’s systems and equipment throughout the year—especially for this fall season! We offer a variety of maintenance services to keep your heating, cooling, indoor air quality (IAQ), and electrical equipment running smoothly.

When it comes to your heating, cooling, indoor air quality, and electrical equipment, no company will keep them in greater shape than Dana’s Heating & Cooling. Let us help you keep every system in your home running efficiently!

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