Five Tips to Finding the Best HVAC Contractor in Washington

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The more you know about local heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) companies, the better prepared you are to choose a contractor for your next home project in Bainbridge Island. 

At Dana’s Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves on transparency whether you are a prospective or longtime customer in the Kitsap Peninsula. 

You can ask us anything about our services, prices, experience, products, values, and certifications. We encourage you to inquire about our expertise, read our online reviews, ask for references, and research our credentials before you hire. 

We feel so strongly about helping you find the best HVAC contractor for your next HVAC project—and we hope you consider our expert team at Dana’s Heating & Cooling—we have compiled a list of helpful tips. 

  1. Get Three Estimates
    Estimates help you make an informed decision when choosing a contractor for equipment replacement, upgrade, and installation. You can compare prices and pin down what each company is offering to do for you. The quotes should specify the brand and model of the unit, its size, installation details, total cost if new ductwork is necessary, warranties, and building permit costs.

    Get quotes in writing. Company representatives should visit you and examine your current unit and ductwork. They should consider your home’s square footage and layout when figuring equipment size for heating and cooling while also evaluating insulation and weatherizing.

    Written estimates are helpful for repairs, too. You want to know how the company you choose plans to fix the issue, if it guarantees its work, and how much it charges.

    Ask prospective contractors what a maintenance visit includes, how much it costs, and if their technicians work on your brand and model. 
  1. What Is Their Reputation?
    You can read online reviews from former customers about their experiences. Ask for references and follow through. Ask to speak with a customer whose installation project mirrors yours.

    Check out the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and weigh any complaints against positive reviews.

    Ask neighbors, friends, and family if they have done business with your prospective HVAC contractor. Post the question to your neighborhood or community online forum or Facebook group.

    Community involvement and environmental stewardship can speak to a company’s reputation. Does your prospective contractor give back to the community through scholarships, sponsorships, and charity? Is the company committed to eco-friendly HVAC solutions? If these characteristics are essential to you, include them when evaluating a company’s reputation. 
  1. Licensing and Certification
    The contractor you choose should carry insurance that covers employees injured on the job and damage to your Bainbridge Island home. Ask to see proof of an insurance policy.

    Does the company possess necessary state or local licensing, and does it handle permits for the job?

    Be sure its technicians are qualified to repair or maintain your HVAC brand and model. Technicians certified by the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) have taken additional training and tested their HVAC knowledge and skills. 
  1. Customer Service
    What is your first impression after your initial contact with a prospective company? A friendly, attentive, and helpful person at the other end of the phone can give you confidence about the company and its customer service.

    Does the representative thoroughly answer questions and understand your comfort needs and budget? Or do you sense only hard-sell tactics?

    Ask about the company’s service hours, particularly for emergency repairs. Find out if technicians keep all components on hand to service heating and cooling systems. Also, find out what a maintenance visit includes.

    Compare it to the ENERGY STAR® maintenance checklist. Does the company warranty its work? Does it offer a maintenance agreement?

    At Dana’s Heating & Cooling, our Ultimate Savings Agreement gives you the most value from a multi-point tune-up.

    In addition to annual HVAC maintenance, it offers priority service, parts, and labor warranties, a 15 percent discount on all service repairs, improved indoor air quality (IAQ), and guarantees you will not pay overtime charges.

    How do other contractor agreements compare?
  1. Prices
    Price is important but should not be the only consideration when hiring an HVAC contractor for installation. Compare what each company includes in its estimate to get the most value for the price you will pay.

    Does the cost include a quality HVAC brand, like American Standard, our choice at Dana’s Heating & Cooling? Does it include site cleanup? How do warranties from each company compare?

    Find out if any of the contractors you are considering offer discounts or will help you obtain rebates for equipment. Can they suggest heating and cooling units that qualify for federal income tax credits?

    Credits, discounts, and rebates add up and can bring your new HVAC system within your budget. 

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