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Dana's Heating & Cooling provides a variety of systems to choose from. Heat pumps are becoming more popular because they offer cool, crisp air in the summer and gentle welcoming heat in the winter. Heat pumps offer reliability and efficiency every day of the year. Believe it or not, over half of the energy usage in your home goes towards Heating and Cooling. Choosing an efficient system like our American Standard brand heat pump can have an appreciable impact on your energy consumption, while also helping to lower your carbon footprint. Move up to a higher standard of comfort today by calling us at 360-876-7670 for a free home comfort proposal on a new heat pump system to best suit your home’s needs.

At Dana’s Heating many of our heat pumps are ENERGY STAR Qualified.Their Energy Star Certification means less of an impact on the environment and more money in your pocket. Best of all, they are incredibly quiet so you can enjoy the comfort without compromising the quality time you spend in your home. Reach out to one of our comfort advisors to help determine the specific needs for your home.

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